Tin Can Alley

Bean Bag, Ball or Air Pistol Fun!

Our lovely traditionally-fronted tin can alley is both eye-catching and such good fun!


Knock down the tin cans using bean bags, balls or even by shooting corks from our specially modified air pistols and the sweeties and prizes placed upon them will tumble! Whatever falls from the shelf is yours to keep!


Adult supervision is required for the Cork Shoot game from our trained staff and children may not shoot below the age of 8.


The Alley can be used with bean bags or balls from any age - with bean bags being recomended for the very young. It can be self hired in this format. 

Call The Zorb Zone now to book for your

  • public event
  • private party
  • corporate day
  • Birthday party
  • bachelor party
  • hen party
  • school fun/sports day
  • PE sessions
  • leisure centre
  • youth group
  • Scout group
  • agricultural show
  • country fair - even wedding!

This is the basket Message

This is the basket Message