The Zorb Chicane

AS SEEN ON CBBC's "GOT WHAT IT TAKES" - The Rock and Roller Challenge - Series 2 Episode 1 


Chicane Zorb Track

The Zorb Chicane is The Zorb Zone's brand new cross over zorb track, designed to safely retain, yet challenge waterzorb racers as they run through" water-filled and" dry traps and across" the narrow central" chicane which will allow only one racer to cross sides at once!


From there, jump back into another water trap and then into the last dry one before turning around to race back down the track again, finishing in the chequered square from which you started! Loss of traction is guaranteed as you run from water-filled to empty squares - can you stay on your feet?! And can you scramble home faster than your opponent?!


Why not give it a try and see if you think that "it's the most fun thing you can do in a waterzorb!"? (Customer verdict!)


At an impressive 23m long and 5.8m wide The Zorb Chicane is big enough to challenge both adults and children and will provide an eye catching centrepiece to any event - the talked about focus of a private party or the crowd-pleasing "big draw" at a public event or fundraiser.


The Zorb Chicane is certain to be popular so why not book it for your event today?!


Chicane Zorb Track in use


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