Ice-Cream Bikes

Ice Cream Bike


Our Ice Cream Bikes run cleanly and quietly at your party or event, and they can serve Ice Cream of all kinds both indoors and outdoors.


Most people, both young and old, enjoy ice cream. With The Zorb Zone's Ice Cream Bikes, it can be served in a quick, clean and easy way to everyone at your party or event, adding another element that everyone will remember and enjoy.


Historically, Ice Cream was served from bicycles and tricycles during the early 1920's, and remained the conventional way to serve ice cream until the 1950's. Now you can enjoy a charming tradition 60 years later with our ice cream bikes.


Ice Cream Bikes are ideal for:

  • Private Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Fun Days
  • Public Events
  • Agricultural Shows
  • Country/County Fairs
  • School Fun Days
  • Weddings

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