Gladiator Joust



A traditional game sure to inspire both the little and big gladiators out there to a fierce duel to the death - well until one of you topples off their perch anyway! A soft landing is assured on our 21' square inflated surround so battle can commence in any suitable, level space... Take to your podiums and swing away with the pugil sticks, try not to laugh too hard (it doesn't help you to keep your footing!) and prevail against all to become the Champion of the Day!


Suitable for schools, fun days, corporate events, fund-raisers, birthday parties, alternative sports days and many more events, it can be used indoors  as well as outside and is sure to raise a smile all year round! Why not give Gladiator Joust a bash at your next event??! It's great exercise - and even greater fun!

Gladiator Joust is ideal for:


  • private parties
  • Birthday parties
  • fun days
  • youth groups
  • Scout/Guide groups
  • public events
  • agricultural shows
  • country fairs

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