Bouncy Boxing

Another popular game guaranteed to cause much laughter - the gloves are so big that you can barely swing them which ensures the most hilarious boxing match that your spectators will have ever seen and great, if somewhat silly, exercise for the participants! Add the bouncy inflatable boxing ring which both prevents injury and makes it difficult to keep your feet and you have a recipe for guaranteed laghter and fun! The gloves come in both adult and children's mega-sizes so there is an impossibly sized fist for all to swing!


Bouncy boxing makes a great pair with our Gladiator Joust and the units are often hired together. We offer discounts for multiple hires so this can be a great option for adding some competitive fun at your event or alternative sports day.

Bouncy Boxing is ideal for:


  • private parties
  • Birthday parties
  • fun days
  • youth groups
  • Scout/Guide groups
  • public events
  • agricultural shows
  • country fairs
  • indoor or outdoor use
  • alternative sports days

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