Air Juggler


Air Juggler is a wonderful game of manual dexterity - and patience! Balancing a ball on a column of air over the first peak move it slowly and carefully to the next and the next by bending the peak to transfer the ball - but don't rush it or the ball will fall - and you'll have to start again!! Meanwhile your opponent on the other side is doing the same thing - and the first to reach the far end will win! Make it more challenging by racing to run three or more balls across the table - or run it as a relay race for a great team game!


Air Juggler is also a perfect moving target for Nerf practice! Hover a ball over every column of air and see how many your team can shoot off! It's not as easy as it sounds and it will hone your skills nicely for a game of Capture the Flag! Get your team's eye in before the big competition starts!


Air Juggler is wind sensitive so is best played indoors.




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